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Lord of the Swings is a Trilogy providing golf insights written by Jeff Bender and Robert Harrington.  It includes the QUEST (Volume I), The Journey (Volume II), and Conquest (Volume III).  Below is a short description of each volume, a link to order the books (embedded in the book cover), and links to downloadable pdfs of figures for you to use in your planning, practicing, and playing process.

Volume I – The Quest – Tools in this volume focus on allowing readers to define and begin their path toward their golf aspiration, identify their “anchors and oars” that will propel them, evaluate criteria for selecting a swing coach, use effective self-talk, share tips for impactful performance tracking, time management, the golf value chain for competitive advantage, and the role of personal attributes such as enthusiasm for golf success. Once these foundational elements are identified, players are ready to take the next step in their journey.

Downloadable pdfs for the QUEST:

Figure 1.3 – Golf Statistics Worksheet

Figure 1.4B – Golf Skills Time Log

Volume II – The Journey – is designed to move readers toward a path to your level of mastery. It includes advice and activities on club fitting, player evaluation, technique foundations (set-up, swing techniques, short game and putting), the unconsciousness-competence framework, practice plans, the practice of emotional intelligence applied to golf, and a list of useful golf terms and definitions. In summary, this volume builds on the knowledge gathered in Volume I and continues the process of determining – the best path for you and provides guidance on who you should be studying, how to learn by documenting your time and stats, using practice protocols, and mental awareness of behaviors.

Downloadable pdfs for the JOURNEY:

Figure 2.1A – Reverse Engineering your Golf Aspirations Worksheet

Figure 2.3A & B –  Player Evaluation Form

Table 2.6A – Example Seven Day Practice Plan

Volume III – Conquest – the notion of conquest in golf is different for everyone based on their current ability level and their aspirational path. Regardless of your conquest level, this volume focuses on course management strategies, methods to do the same thing every time (routines, planning, mental preparation, and swing repeatability), staying in the moment, eliminating negativity, learning to evaluate golf courses, the par for the day, and how to develop playing strategies using practices that allow you to play your best. This conquest process also includes top advice from top coaches (the art of thinking small [skill building], a learn-by-doing approach, the art of managing culture and expectations, and the art of creativity applied to golf) as well as how to play aggressively conservative and tips on proper golf etiquette and rules.

Downloadable pdfs for the CONQUEST:

Table 3.1 –  Dialing in swing lengths, distances, and dispersion

Figure 3.5A –  QJC Profile and Self-Assessment

Figure 3.5B - Calculating Results of QJC Profile Self-Assessment

Figure 3.5C – QJC Profile Quadrants

Table 3.5A – QJC Key Segments Profile