Golf Universe is a fully equipped facility with inventory to support a player’s needs for golf clubs and all other equipment.  Very broad statement and very generalized!  To be more specific, if you are “standard fit” type golfer Golf Universe has what you need in stock.  For most of us, we are not “standard fit”!  Most golfers need very detailed specifications of their golf club makeup.

The Jeff Bender Golf Academy has paired with Golf Universe to provide players with opportunity to design and create a set of irons, and woods, and wedges, and putter actually built for the individual player.  Golf Universe goes beyond just the equipment in the bag…how about the bag…the glove..the shoes..the golf balls!!  All these items fitted to the player as well as just his or her golf clubs.

How does Golf Universe make such a “player fitting” possible?  First, a knowledgeable staff trained and certified in golf club fitting and golf club repair and customization.  Second, the proper tools found only in the best fitting centers in the nation.

Please watch the virtual tour I have included about Golf Universe and watch as we help a player go through the “fitting process”



The use of a launch monitor in proper fitting of woods , wedges, and irons is essential in finding the proper “numbers” for an individual player.  Numbers?  Spin Rate, Angle of Attack, Launch Angle, Clubhead Speed, “Smash Factor”(division of ball and club speed), and of course carry distance/total distance.  For a player to not utilize a launch monitor to see exact data on clubs after each ball is hit….well, I feel that is like going to a doctor and he diagnosis you by just guessing from across the room!

Golf Academy Software

V1 Branded Academy Software (digital video)

As a player is going through a fitting process and Golf Universe staff is determining certain club parameters based on data from the launch monitor.  The use of video software to film the player’s swing is essential in many situations.  A player that is comfortable with his or her swing and simply wants equipment to fit the swing…must know and understand the swing the have and how it performs.  Golf Universe places this giant variable in the equation for fitting equipment to players.

Golf Fitting Cart

Fitting Carts

As certified fitters for every major golf club manufacturer (Taylor Made, Ping, Callaway, Mizuno, Wilson, Titleist, Cobra, and others) Golf Universe uses the actual clubs and shafts in the fitting process the player is interested in purchasing.  Fitting carts have all golf club iron and wood heads, and just as important..several different golf shafts to combine with the proper head for the player.

Golf Club Repair

Inventory and on site Club Repair

Golf Universe has one of the largest golf inventories in the state of Washington!  Beyond what is “on the wall”, Golf U has an inventory of golf club grips and shafts to customize a players clubs.  How important in the proper club grips and shafts?  I am not sure if I have enough time or room to detail the importance of these to variable in the building of a player’s set makeup.  The shaft alone if considered to be “the engine of the club”!  Sounds like a reasonably large factor wouldn’t you say!?  A quick note on the grips on a golf club.  The only thing attaching us to our golf clubs is our hands which are holding on to the grips.  Huh, don’t you think such an item and its close proximity to our bodies might play a major role in proper club fitting?  Heck Yes!!

Now that Golf Universe has taken the time to exam and evaluate a player’s golf club needs, next is the equipment essential in comfortable and consistent golf…round after round. 

Consider Golf Universe an “outfitter”!  If you are a hiker or a hunter you need properly outfitted for your excursion correct?  Why would golf be any different.  If you are planning a hike up Everest then your equipment will certainly be different than your equipment if you are planning a half day hike up the “local trail”.  Golf Universe prides itself on questioning the player about his or her specific needs and expectations for equipment.  Never “over suppling” and certainly never “under”! 

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