Located at the beautiful Columbia Point Golf Course in Richland, Washington, the Jeff Bender Golf Academy utilizes not only a very “hands on” training center but a wonderful golf course.

Located at the rear of the driving range we have our own private tee box, practice green, and practice bunker.  The entire area is positioned in a manner that ALL varieties of golf shots can be assigned and honed.

As with our Golf Universe Fitting and Technology Center, we utilize the same training equipment and tools..(launch monitor, K-vest, and V1 Video software).  Just as important as 21st Century training tools, we incorporate good old fashioned “golf drills” that simply can not be faked as one trains to be a better golfer.

“Good Old Fashioned Drills”!  Exactly what do we mean?  After a player has been diagnosed and examined using 21st Century tools (video, launch monitor, K-Vest) what do we do with this knowledge?  We break bad habits and replace with good techniques!

A great deal of golfers will hide their weaknesses and only focus on their strengths in their game.  Thus you have a ton of players that strike the ball well and have a decent short game, but their putting is as poor as a “blindfolded 2 year olds”!  Flip that scenario and take the player that manages well on and around the green, but when faced with the task of “tee shot and approach shot” strategy….well let’s just say these battles are lost every round.

Our developmental center allows us the ability to free a player from his or her shame, fear, and eventual embarrassment due to the shortcomings in their game.  Give us 20 minutes on the golf course and we will find a weakness that is worth 5-15 strokes in a players golf game!

Why stand on a range and hit drivers if you suck at greenside bunker shots?  Why practice 10 feet and less length putts if you really suck at a 70 yard shot over water?  Why, well like in life we love to flaunt our strengths and hide our inadequacies.  Well, sorry but our job is to seek out and strengthen a players shortcomings….as hard and tedious as this task my be!

Please take a look at the virtual tour of our development center at Columbia Point Golf Course.