The Jeff Bender Golf Academy website is a full service website for golf swing mechanics, drills, and philosophies with the primary goal of making YOU a better golfer.

Day to day we work with adults and children that initially wish to learn to swing a golf club and learn to putt and chip.  Pure novices and thus the time spent with them is pure introduction to golf swing and short game mechanics.  Golf mechanics are fascinating and yet tedious and frustrating due to the degree of difficulty.  Once we have established an understanding of the golf mechanics with an adult or child we get to begin the process of taking mechanics and applying them to GOLF STRATEGY.

Most golfers are simply stuck in the realm of golf mechanics.  What an awful place to dwell!  Mechanics are fascinating and a great knowledge of why and how the body makes a golf ball do something through the use of a golf club is mandatory.  Why an awful place to exist?  Players of all sports have the ability to “feel” and “see” things and thus make “things” happen.  FEEL, SEE, THINGS!!!  Our training places an individual on a golf course with the confidence in their mechanical ability to SEE AND FEEL GOLF SHOTS!  Great golf strategy is developed in an individual over time and during and after a golfer has embraced the necessary knowledge of “path” and “hands to club face association.”

Good path in life equals days of peace and prosperity with very few disparaging days.  Bad path in life leads to days of angst and frustration and misery.  In golf, one has a choice…great path or bad path.  The choice between good and bad path will either lead a golfer to rounds with great joy and accomplishment, or rounds of golf leading to such disappointment and disgrace…the thought of quitting the game forever is always present.